TWW Panels – 2017 National Meeting

Possible Topics for Theology Without Walls Panels

2017 National Meeting

The following topics have been suggested for next year’s TWW panels. Please feel free to add, subtract, amend, or extend. Please volunteer for topics that you are prepared to address and/or suggest speakers who would be particularly suitable.  If you have questions, contact me directly.


Love (between persons, between persons and God)

How one recognizes that a text from another tradition has a divine imprint


The meaning of life

The role of narrative


Spiritual But Not Religious


Prayer and meditation

The theological relevance of one’s own life experiences

Revelation outside sacred texts and practices

Relation of TWW to comparative theology

Can a single theological tradition be expanded so as to be adequate to inspired insights       from other traditions?

TWW is normative, a search for theologically adequate answers. Ideally, topics should be reframed as questions, or as clusters of related questions. If you can contribute to that reframing, please do so!

Thanks to all who lend their talents to this important effort!

Jerry L. Martin, Ph.D., D.H.L., former Chair, Department of Philosophy, University of Colorado at Boulder, and Acting Chairman, National Endowment for the Humanities; Coordinator, Theology Without Walls project, American Academy of Religion; author, God: An Autobiography, as Told to a Philosopher (Caladium 2016);

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