This section is to announce openings in comparative and transreligious theology and candidates qualified in those areas.

Academic Candidates

Hans le Grand is seeking an academic position in theology or related disciplines.  He delivered a presentation on his recent dissertation, “Searching in Face of Mystery,” during the AAR panels in November 2023. His work focused on constructing a systematic theology for individuals identifying as Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR), multiple religious belongers, and other religious seekers.  He holds dual PhDs in physics and theology, with additional publications in corporate finance. He is prepared to teach and write about constructive theology, religious diversity, SBNR studies, and how to “construct your own theology” at the graduate level. In addition, he is qualified to teach undergraduate courses in epistemology, ethics, comparative religion, and statistics.

For more information, including a full resume, interested parties can contact Hans le Grand directly at Further details about his background can be found on his LinkedIn profile: