One thing TWW needs is concepts, not just for the purpose of comparison but for thinking that is not necessarily embedded in the religions. Hyo-Dong Lee and Amos Yong are among the theologians who have made use of this concept in a cross-cultural way and, of course, it can readily be related to the Eastern Orthodox use of energeia. This panel explores possibilities for creative theological construction that this cluster of concepts might open up.

Robert C. Neville, Boston University
The Cosmological Use of Spirit

Hyo-Dong Lee, Drew University
Divine ki (qi)?: Musings on a Cross-Cultural Pneumatology

Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Earlham School of Religion
Spirit, Chi, and Christianity

David Bradshaw, University of Kentucky
The Divine Energy in Eastern Christianity

Benjamin Crace, American University of Kuwait
Stoic Cosmological Foundations for a Contemporary Pneumatology