Hot of the press a few months late but worth waiting for: the special issue of the Journal of Ecumenical Studies on Theology Without Walls, edited by Jerry L. Martin. In combination with the special issue of Open Theology a few months ago, these papers mark a major stage in the development of transreligious theology. Enjoy!


Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Special Issue: Theology Without Walls
Fall 2016, Volume 51, No. 4


Jerry L. Martin, University of Colorado at Boulder (retired):
“What Is Theology without Walls?”


John Thatamanil, Union Theological Seminary:
“True to and True For’: The Problem and Promise of Religious Truth for a Theology without Walls”


Robert Cummings Neville, Boston University:
“Tale of a Theologian without Walls”


S. Mark Heim, Andover-Newton Theological Seminary:
“In Two Minds about a Theology Without Walls”


Paul Knitter, Union Theological Seminary:
“Without Walls = Multiple Belonging?”


Jeanine Diller, University of Toledo:
“Which Ultimate(s) Would Theology without Walls Be About?”


Kurt Anders Richardson, University of Toronto:
“Theology without Walls: Toward a Hermeneutics without Boundaries?”


Kenneth Cracknell, Brite Divinity School:
“We Talking About Us’: Wilfred Cantwell Smith’s Relevance to Theology without Walls”


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