The following presenters have participated in TWW panels at National and Regional meetings of The American Academy of Religion.

John BerthrongAssociate Professor of Comparative Theology - Boston University
Kenneth Cracknell, BD. Brite Divinity School
Christopher Denny, Ph.D. Associate Professor - Theology and Religious Studies - Saint John's University
Jeanine Diller , Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy and Program on Religious Studies - University of Toledo
Peter Feldmeier, Ph.D. - Murray/Bacik Professor of Catholic Studies - University of Toledo
Mark Heim -- Samuel Abbot Professor of Christian Theology - Andover Newton Theological Seminary
Jeremy R. Hustwit, Ph.D. - Associate Professor Philosophy and Religion -  Methodist University
Hyo-Dong Lee, Ph.D. - Comparative Theology, Drew Theological Seminary
Jeffery D. Long - Ph.D. - Professor of Religion and Asian Studies, Elizabethtown College
Rory McEntee - Theological and Philosophical Studies- Drew University
Jerry L. Martin, Ph.D. - University of Colorado, Presiding
Robert C. Nevill,  Ph.D., D.D. - Professor of Philosophy, Religion, and Theology, Boston University
Richard Oxenberg, Ph.D. - Philosophy, Religion Adjunct Professor - Endicott College
Kurt Anders Richardson, D. Th. - McMaster University
Michelle Voss Roberts, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Theology - Wake Forest University
Peter Savastano, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of the Anthropology of Religion, Consciousness, Sexuality and Gender - Seton Hall University
Jon Paul Sydnor, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Theology + Religious Studies - Emmanuel College
Leonard Swidler - Ph.D., Th.D., L.H.D., Professor of Catholic Thought and Interreligious Dialogue, Temple University
John Thatamanil, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Theology and World Religions - Union Theological Seminary
Pim (Wilhelmus) Valkenberg, Ph.D. Professor of Religion and Culture- - Catholic University of America
Anthony J. Watson, Ph.D., M.Div., Associate Director of Middle East Studies - Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University
Jonathan Weidenbaum, Ph.D., Faculty (Philosophy) -  School of Liberal Arts, Berkeley College
Wesley J. Wildman, Ph.D. - Professor of Philosophy, Theology, and Ethics - Boston University