Report on 2018 Planning Meeting

Thanks to John Becker, Center for Process Studies, for serving as rapporteur.

1. Brill Companion publication. Those interested in reviewing Jerry Martin’s contribution and offer suggestions, contact him directly.

2. Connect with Andrew Schwartz (Center for Process Studies) to explore the possibility of hosting a list-serv for TWW.

3. Possible themes for the upcoming journal topics/AAR sessions:

  • TWW Approaches and Methodologies
  • What is the Telos of TWW?
  • TWW in conversation with theology of religions/global critical philosophy
  • How do confessional theology and TWW align?
  • Comparative Theology critiques of TWW: Is it pluralism? Relativism?
  • The Western Framework of TWW: Eastern perspectives?
  • Is TWW really novel or is it as old as religion itself?
  • Transreligious theology vs. Transreligious spirituality
  • What entails a Tranreligious theological literacy?
  • Who is the audience/community of transreligious theology?
  • Joint session with Comparative Theology on the issue of faith commitments

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