An outstanding collection of articles that provide a great intellectual resource for Theology Without Walls



"Is Transreligious Theology Possible?", edited by Jerry L. Martin


Introduction to the Topical Issue “Is Transreligious Theology Possible?”, Martin, Jerry L.

Theology Without Walls: The Future of Transreligious Theology, Wildman, Wesley J.

Transreligious Theology as the Quest for Interreligious Wisdom: Defining, Defending, and Teaching Transreligious Theology, Thatamanil, John J.

Theology Without Walls: Sic et Non, Feldmeier, Peter

Myself, Only Moreso: Conditions for the Possibility of Transreligious Theology, Hustwit, J. R.

Interspiritual Theology as a Radical Potential for New Vistas in Theological Thought, McEntee, Rory

The Breadth of the Riches: Transreligious Theology, Particularity, and Universality, Sydnor, Jon Paul

Multiple Religious Orientation, Diller, Jeanine

Is Transreligious Theology Unavoidable in Interreligious Theology and Dialogue?, Gustafson, Hans

Trinitarian Theology between Religious Walls in the Writings of Raimon Panikkar, Denny, Christopher

A ‘No’ at the Core of Life: Doing Transreligious Theology with William James, Weidenbaum, Jonathan

Without Boundaries? Deriving Pluralist Theologies for Projects Using a Theology Without Walls, Watson, Anthony J.

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